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Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF Europe) Ltd, Company number 6176380. Registered in England & Wales, March 2007
CTF Europe Ltd has come to an agreement this month with the present owners of controlledtrafficfarming.com to purchase all rights to the site, and until such time as that sale goes through, has entered into a rental agreement with them. There will be a gradual change in emphasis of material on the site, with targeted practical tips and advice to would be and existing CTF practitioners. Networking will be actively supported and a membership scheme will be introduced to support and promote this. The company is also keen to receive feedback from site users - tell us what is lacking, where we can make improvements and where additions can be made.
May 2007

Company objectives

The principal aim of the company is to improve the profitability of crop production by developing a range of Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) solutions customised to individual farms. This will be achieved by interacting with individual growers but also, and where appropriate, by creating discrete pilot-scale systems within a number of small groupings of growers. These groupings are likely to consist of farmers actively wishing to invest in CTF but wanting interaction with like minded people. Within these groupings, individuals will be encouraged to give the system a trial on a reasonable scale on their own farm. Each group will almost certainly establish its own specific objectives, such as a percentage reduction in specific production costs. Dissemination of information to attract other farmers and growers into the system will be encouraged.

Company philosophy

The promotion of CTF within production systems arises as a direct result of the need to reduce production costs and address environmental issues. This thinking is based on research data that clearly associates non-trafficked soil with lower tillage inputs for a given seedbed, improved soil structure, improved crop performance and lower environmental impacts. In turn these improvements will provide the opportunity to reduce capital expenditure on tractors and tillage equipment and the costs of crop production in general. The overall philosophy will be to create a mentality of controlled traffic amongst a growing number of farmers – to create a demand for equipment that is compatible both in terms of track and operating width, and for tyres that deliver maximum efficiency on controlled traffic wheelways. Ultimately, it is envisaged that this way of thinking will move mechanisation towards development of alternatives to current designs as well as improving the compatibility of existing equipment, making CTF a natural part of farming systems.


We recognise that solutions must be tailored to local conditions, but equally that a wide breadth of knowledge and expertise are essential to ensure that our solutions are the best possible for each individual farmer. CTF Europe Ltd has contacts worldwide, including a close relationship with CTF Solutions of Australia. CTF Solutions has been improving the profitability of farm businesses in Australia and elsewhere for 6 years and is providing sustainable system solutions in a wide range of environments. CTF Europe Ltd is also forging partnerships across the European Union and beyond. This CTF global partnership brings together a wealth of experience in the adoption of profitable and sustainable farming systems, it has close contacts with practitioners worldwide and keeps a keen eye on all the latest CTF developments and research.

Next steps

The most demanding thing about CTF is the acceptance of its mindset - that order can be brought to chaos, often with little more than a smple change to just one machine. It doesn't need an entire fleet of custom built machinery, but it does require some planning and for operators to accept more discipline when moving around the field or paddock. This is already being helped by new GPS control systems that guide machines even while they are on headlands.

The partnership of CTF Solutions and CTF Europe Ltd is striving to achieve standardization so that new adopters will have a framework built from the experience of existing users. This will be valuable for the machinery industry as well as growers, agronomists and advisors.

CTF Europe Ltd is also going to extend a low cost individual membership scheme based on an existing UK model that has been running for over 2 years. Details of this will be available by the end of August 2007.