As from October 2014

Membership of CTF Europe now includes membership of the Soil and Water Management Centre and the National Centre for Precision Farming and is being administered under the Smart Agri-Systems Platform.

For a single fee of £100 per annum, you will have access to all the centres and the ability to customise your interests so that you receive only information that is relevant to you. A key focus of Smart Agri-Systems will be current research and keeping you updated with results at the earliest opportunity.

Presently, this site and Smart Agri-Systems Platform will be running in parallel but as information gets transferred, all services will be available via the Platform.

To sign up for membership, please go to:

If you have any queries in the meantime, please e-mail

Benefits of membership include:

  • Contact details for all our members
  • Preferential rates at all our workshops and meetings
  • Access to calculators for tracked areas of different controlled traffic systems
  • Potential yield increase calculator based on tracked areas
  • Return on investment calculator for satellite guidance systems
  • Dimensional data from the leading range of combine harvesters
  • Case studies of farms with CTF systems
  • Access to menu driven route to CTF conversion
  • Workshop reports and presentations
  • New pertinent research and development
  • Free 1 hour of telephone consultancy (made up of one or several sessions, £30 per hour or pro-rata thereafter)