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On-Farm CTF Introductory

Do you want to find out what CTF is all about with a hands-on practical course on your farm?

If you do, volunteer your farm as a base and with your help we will get about 10 others in your area to come along. It will cost them a small fee each but you will get the course free. Ideally, you should have a meeting room which will accommodate the numbers involved. Contact us to volunteer or express interest for a course in your area and we will start the process.

The course will include a look at your soils and their potential plus a discussion on the diversity of cropping in your area. We will then cover CTF, what it is and how it can be achieved, with practical tips and the economics for successful conversion. We will then look at GPS guidance options and the importance of RTK in delivering a correction signal that will keep you on the straight and narrow and in the same place every year. Covering notes will be provided.

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