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Current events

Five years of Hands Free Farming; what was achieved, what was learned and what are the implications
Online seminar, Thursday 20th October 2022, 1pm – 2pm

Mr Kit Franklin, Senior Lecturer, Agricultural Engineering and Principal Investigator at the Hands Free Farm, Harper Adams University, will share key practical insights from the innovative Hands Free Farm project:

  • project background and aims

  • key technical achievements

  • economic study findings

  • view of commercial Ag Robotics

Followed by questions and discussion.
The event is free for CTF members.
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On Farm CTF Introductory Courses

Would you like to find out what CTF is all about with a hands-on practical course on your farm?


If yes, why not volunteer your farm as a base?  With your help, we will get others in your area to come along. We can create a course that will look at the potential of your soil and examines the diversity of cropping in your area. We can cover CTF, what it is and how it can be achieved - including practical tips and the economics for successful conversion. We can also address GPS guidance options and the importance of RTK in delivering a correction signal that will keep you on the straight and narrow and in the same place every year.

Volunteers for hosting events

If you have converted to CTF and are willing to host an Open Day please get in touch via